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Taiwan AI Federated Learning Alliance

TAIFA, Taiwan AI Federated Learning Alliance, was Launched on 29 Jan 2021

TAIFA was initiated by the Alliance’s sponsor, National Development Council Chairman Ming-hsin Kung, Co-sponsor Minister of Science and Technology Tsung-Tsong Wu, Minister of Transport Chia-Lung Lin, Minister of Health and Welfare Shih-chung Chen, Minister of Economic Affairs Mei-hua Wang, Minister of Culture Yong-de Li, expert advisory panel former president of National Taiwan University Pan-Chyr Yang, former general manager of Google in Taiwan Lee-Feng Chien, chief operating officer of Industrial Technology Research Institute Shiaw-Shian Yu, CEO of Institute for Information Industry Zheng-hong Zhuo, president of National Cheng Kung University Huey-Jen Su, and president of the Alliance ( Founder of Taiwan AI Labs) Ethan Tu totegher. More than 50 founding members from famous enterprises,  medical centers, research institutions, and local governments in Taiwan joined TAIFA. They will work together for the development of Taiwan’s AI industry.

President Ethan Tu: Taiwan’s achievements in technology communication and Federated learning attracts global celebrities

Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), an international organization initiated by OECD countries, invited Taiwan AI Labs to participate in cross-border dialogues on topics such as Responsible AI、Pandemic Response、Data governance at its annual conference and share experiences on how data collection is consistent with privacy and human rights.

The representative of Taiwan is the focus of GPAI’s future focus project on the initiative “Taiwan AI Federated Learning” to safeguard human rights and privacy while accelerating the development of artificial intelligence industry applications. Alliance to industry series joint learning way, drive medical, transportation, manufacturing, urban and rural areas, creative, financial and other innovation, the establishment of cross-domain integration of applications, talent cultivation and international cooperation, jointly invest in joint learning technology research and development, provide high-quality field and development environment, establish globally trustworthy data governance and services, establish operational mechanisms and norms, and shape industrial policy advice, and jointly promote the development of core strategic industries with the government.

Minister Ming-hsin Kung: Protect the data and personal privacy of democracies

In his speech, Minister Ming-hsin Kung quipped that without data for training AI model is like learning martial arts from book without practicing. Democratic countries put emphasis on data governance and personal privacy protection, and “federated learning” is for solving this issue. The model is trained and aggregated without the sharing of confidential data. Just like people learning martial arts learn the essence from different party. Taiwan AI Federated Learning Alliance has assembled the leaders of major industries without prejudice. Thus, accelerates the development of Taiwan’s AI technology and application, so that Taiwan can play a key role in the global AI industry.

Vice president ching-te Lai: ” Two heads are better than one. ” , Democratize data

The Vice President wished the Taiwan AI Federated Learning Alliance a successful future. The alliance can not only provide the best service and a good development environment, but also achieving in high standard of trustworthy data governance, operating mechanisms, regulation, and in the cultivation of talent acquisition. Thus elevates artificial intelligence in Taiwan to a higher level. The vice president also mentioned that data is the driving force behind the development of artificial intelligence. However, the protection of data privacy is getting more attention. In the era of EU’s GDPR,security of personal data has aroused more attention globally. Ensure the protection of perosnal data while developing AI is a major issue for every countries nowadays. and “federated learning” is a solution, an important stepstone for Taiwan to move forward.