Pioneering the New Future of Medical AI in Taiwan

If you have high-value data

Federated Learning Platform Subscription

  • Data Governance Ready
  • Privacy Regulation Compliance
  • Training Model Cost-effectively
  • AI Model Inference

We have more than twenty hospitals under our contract.

If your model has reached
clinical standards

TFDA certification program

  • Quick Clinical Trial Complied with FDA
  • Certified Device Manufacturers
  • Validating AI Model Performance across different sites

Our TFDA Certification Program has more than 30 clinical trials covering a wide range of topics in Taiwan.

If you are developing a model

Model Federated Learning

  • Optimizing AI Model through Cross-sites Data
  • Trustworthy Original Developers

Extensive Involvement of Medical Centers and Principal Investigators across Taiwan

Medical Federated Learning Alliance to Build a Precision Health Industry

Federated learning is a key approach to the transformation of the core strategic industry of precision health

Medical federated learning highlights case

Wu Mingxian, President of National Taiwan University Hospital and Chen Shian, President of Taiwan Zhongrong, explained the highlights of joint learning in a special interview. Wu Mingxian: Asian medical care, let Taiwan write a guest editor in chief with science and democracy – Future City @ World (2021.3)

Medical federated learning 5G The result of AIoT industrial solutions

Media report

遠見雜誌: “federated Learning” has given birth to 120 most powerful medical brains

天下雜誌: “federated Learning” Breaks Data Barriers

中央通訊社: AI detection X-ray film covid-19 approved by the food and drug department for the first time

蘋果日報: [hold the hospital] the accuracy rate is 90%! Zero contact diagnosis by AI wufei Beiyi catches Russian ballet dancers infected with epidemic disease

Digitimes: Federated learning to break hospital boundaries, lung infiltration, cardiology

iThome: Centralized health care big data strengthens the interpretation of heterogeneous images by brain tumor AI. Taipei Rongzong is more independent in Taiwan and uses joint learning to break the bottleneck of medical AI big data

iThome: [the first joint learning experiment of local hospitals in Taiwan] Taipei Rongzong relies on supercomputers to verify the feasibility and make the local AI have the strength of the International Cup